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M Mint New record/cover.
M- Mint- The record (the cover) is as good as new. There are nearly no background noises.
EX Excellent The record has been played and has very light background noises. The cover has only very light signs of wear.
VG Very Good The record has been played more frequently and has background noises. Scratches are present, between the songs and the lead in and out groove also clearly audible. The cover shows light signs of wear but no large cracks or strong pollution.
G Good The record has been played repeatedly. You can hear background noises such as scratches or basic noise from repeated playing. But a G rated record is still passably good playable and worth buying. The cover shows signs of wear, cracks or small patches of color (ink, stamps, tape marks, traces of restoration of felt or colored pencils, etc.).
W Worn On this condition the poor quality records begin. They are played above average. Scratches and background noise are clearly audible. The cover is damaged and often cracked or dirty.
+/- (Plus/Minus) The abbreviation + (plus) or - (minus) will be appended to one of the above defined levels of quality if the record (the cover) did not associate to any of the quality levels clearly. For example: If a record is a bit better than VG, but not as good as EX, in this case is the correct rating is VG +. But if the quality of the record is more in EX range than VG, the correct rating is EX-.
CO Cut Out Cover has either a short section cut, a diagonal cut at a corner or a punch hole. (These are remnants of the record industry or the wholesale or foreign imports)
RI Reissue
WOC Written On Cover Written or stamped cover
WOL Written On Label Written or stamped label
TOC Tape On Cover On the cover is a sticker or it was taped
TOL Tape On Label On the label is a sticker
D Germany
NL Netherlands
UK United Kingdom